the silver snowball

So you have a dream, a product, an idea and you can’t wait to make it happen. So you’ve created a plan and a strategy then you created another plan, then a newer plan, then another plan… and now it’s on hold because things haven’t been working out the way you want. So now you are waiting for the right plan or strategy so you can actually see it through.

You might be in need of the silver snowball.

What is the silver snowball? Well to get to that definition we need to break it down into two perspectives when it comes to tackling a big idea.

The first perspective is:

1. The Silver Bullet

So what is the silver bullet? Picture yourself in the middle of a forest in the dead of night. It’s cold, foggy, and the full moon is your only light. All of a sudden you hear a howl… and a werewolf appears. What are you going to do? You remember the only way to actually kill a werewolf is… a silver bullet.

A silver bullet is a term in folklore that describes a silver bullet as the only effective weapon against a werewolf.

You might not have a werewolf in front of you but there can be a challenge from getting where you are to where you want to go. And so… you are waiting of the next big idea, the next gust of motivation, to find the next silver bullet… to accomplish your goal.

The second perspective is:

2. The Snowball Effect

The snowball effect can usually be seen in a cartoon. You have one character on top of the mountain who throws a small discreet snowball… as it rolls down the mountain it not only picks up speed but it picks up size! And then bam!! This giant snowball hits another character and everyone has a big laugh.

This perspective is when you continue to work on one idea and you keep building upon it until you get your desired result.

So now a little math:

The Silver Bullet + The Snowball Effect = The Silver Snowball

So if you have a big idea, a goal, a product launch, a business you want to build… here are some principles to remember to achieve the The Silver Snowball…

1. Instead of waiting for the next big thing, practice the art of the consistent small things

Don’t wait for the next big thing. That is like playing basketball… doing your all in offense, making the impressive play but the not running down the court to play defense. You are waiting until the ball comes back to you. You might have an awesome offensive plan but it will never win the game.

Waiting for the big things makes you idle and causes a false idea of being patient.

It is the small steps that get you to your destination. Keep rolling that snowball down the mountain.

2. Understand Your Interest Rate Counts

In finances there is a thing called compound interest. If I can simplify the definition it would be what you give in you get back in interest. Eventually your interest grows and your investment grows.

So if I invest $100 and I have a 10% interest per year… by the end of the year I would now have $110.

Now allow me to stretch that definition and word play it a bit.

Your combined steps grow exponentially over time… meaning the more you work on it and invest the more it grows.

But what causes many goals, dream, ideas to die? You ready for it? Lost of interest!

Once the excitement of the initial start up dies down… the interest dies down. Once you are not interested then you will not continue to work hard on taking the next steps.

So it is important you stay interested if you really want to complete your goal.

3. Discover that what looked like a Silver Bullet in others was most likely a Snowball

It is easy to compare! Everyone looks like they have discovered the next big thing. They have it so easy. They instantly figured it out. They found the silver bullet.

But when you look closer you will begin to see snow on their hands and feet. It all started with one idea and it was built on.

The silver bullet is just a snowball that caught momentum over time.

So stop looking for the silver bullet… and realized that the silver snowball is right in front of you. All you need to do is… take the next step.

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